Rishikesh is often touted as ‘the world capital of Yoga’, and is home to many ashrams and spiritual gurus. The city’s eminence as a spiritual haven was exemplified by the legendary Beatles’, who spent months meditating in an ashram and composed nearly 48 songs during their stay. John Lennon even recorded a song titled, 'The Happy Rishikesh Song'.

With the holy waters of the Ganges and the mountains forming a backdrop, the resort is the epitome of spirituality. Its serene environment is a perfect platform for guests to make the transcendental journey into meditation. The resort has played host to the coveted ‘International Yoga Week’ several times in recent years, and continues to be a pivotal space for Yogic gurus to impart their teachings.

By partnering with renowned Yoga gurus, we allow our guests to practise this art form with the most veteran teachers, right in our gardens overlooking the river. Guests can take group workshops or daily morning lessons and can choose from a range of base styles for beginners, to complex routines for the experienced.

We offer the following Yoga programs that can be practised with our Gurus:

Hath Yoga Rejuvenation:
Hath Yoga rejuvenation is based on ancient yogic techniques of detoxification called ‘shankhaprakshalana’, which means ‘to wash thoroughly’. When the intestines are rinsed, the residue and tensions are removed. The skin becomes soft and various kinds of skin allergies and eczema are relieved, and can even disappear completely. Pallid skin becomes purer and clearer. The senses are sharpened to such a degree that they feel as though they were “muffled”, and have now been unwrapped. The effects, not just physical, can only be experienced much less described in words. When the coarse tensions are removed from the stomach and abdomen, one has released all the untapped energy, and the body feels light and healthy.

Neeti and Kunjal Kriya:
These are purification exercises that are designed to remove stagnant internal toxins or inner blockages consisting of both matter and its associated energy. These exercises also correspondingly clean out energy paths (nadis) and allow more energy to flow within the body/mind complex.

Spinal Therapy:
We offer a series of yogic practices, which works systematically from the base of the spine to the top according to individual needs. All vertebrae receive stimulation and all the energy centres receive a burst of energy.

Trataka Meditation:
To put it briefly, Trataka - also called Yogic gazing - is a practice where the gaze is fixed on an object for some time and then that object is visualized clearly with the eyes closed, as an inner image at the eyebrow centre. Trataka has several benefits that are beneficial to everyone and not only mediation aspirants. Trataka is believed to have a helpful effect in treating and even resolving several eye disorders as well as improving concentrative powers and mental resolve.

Yogic Nidra:
Yogic Nidra is a state of conscious deep sleep. Yogic Nidra enables a person to be conscious in this state and nurture the seed of great will power, inspire the higher self, and enjoy the vitality of life. With every session of Yoga Nidra, one actually burns one’s old habits and tendencies in order to be born anew.

Yogic Therapy:

Yoga has been shown to help relieve diseases such as chronic back pain, diabetes, stress, and fatigue. Apart from that, regular Yoga practice also helps develop and maintain the physical and emotional well being. Since many asanas require bending and stretching, Yoga is ideal for building strength in the back muscles. It is also a great way to improve circulation in body areas that may otherwise never be stimulated.
Other Yoga forms we can offer classes in:
Yoga Hatha yoga
Ashtanga yoga Power yoga
Iyengar yoga Vinyasa flow Yoga
Restorative Yoga Kundalini
Satyananda Yoga Sivananda yoga
Beginner yoga Mantra-yoga
Yoga Therapy Pranayama
Meditation Yoga for stress management
Yoga for pregnancy Yoga for kids
Yoga to lose wait Detox Yoga
Yoga retreat Yoga intensive course
Yoga teacher training course Yoga adjustment course
Yoga pranayama course Yoga consultation



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