Rishikesh is the most ancient pilgrimage location in India. The place is known as the Tapo Bhumi; meaning the place for yoga meditation of the Gods. Rishikesh is a peaceful, temple town on the banks of the holy Ganges River, which is clear and flows full of spiritual energy. Rishikesh is a holy place that acts as an entry point leading to the sacred places deep in the Himalayas. Rishikesh is the perfect abode for people who have a spiritual inclination. Spiritual people will find total peace in Rishikesh and will feel at home. Rishikesh translated means "the city of saints."

According to mythology, the sage Rishi Raibhya sat on the banks of the Ganga and performed severe penance in the form of extremely autere yoga practices. He was rewarded when lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Rishikesh, thus giving the place its present name. Over the ages, saints have meditated at this peaceful spot with the soaring mountains looking down and the sacred Ganga flowing beside. One of the most prominent religious leaders in modern times, Adi Shankaracharya, traversed this land in the 9th century AD. Shankaracharya pilgrimage to Rishikesh was later codified into the great pilgrim circuit, and gave a heightened sense of sacredness to this land of the gods. Ever since, Rishikesh has been the stepping stone and the first destination on a list of holy shrines and sites stretching across the lofty Himalayan Range.

There are innumerable Yoga Centers in Rishikesh as well, as such Rishikesh is known as 'The World Capital of Yoga." An annual International Yoga Festival is held by the Uttrakhand Tourism Board between March 1st to March 7th. In 2010, world renound teachers and hundreds of practitioners from over 40 different countries converged to celebrate the universal spirit of Yoga Rishikesh.

In the 1960s, Rishikesh came in to the Western world's limelight as the place where the pop group Beatles met their guru.

The blessed city of Rishikesh attracts millions of tourists, people every year come here to practice YOGA, MEDITATE, REJUVENATE and gain peace of mind. The place is also very famous with foreigners who come to India as part of a spiritual journey. Whether its washing away karma in the Ganga, offering pujas, or watching the aarti ceremonies on the ghats of Rishikesh, people find that Rishikesh can touch their hearts and change their souls for the better


A confluence of three holy important Rivers the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Saraswathy, is a most revered sacred bathing spot in Rishikesh and is situated on the banks of Ganges River. It is of belief that those who take a dip in water at this ghat washes away all the sins and purifies the soul and will have salvation,

Bharat Mandir is situated in the heart of the old town on the banks of the Ganges. The Inner sanctum of the temple has the idol of Lord Vishnu, carved out of a single Saligram. In the inner canopy above the idol is Shree Yantra installed by Adi Sankraya Charya.

Ram Jhula is situated 3 Km north of Rishikesh, Is an iron suspension bridge. It is made over river Ganges to cross the river and is a landmark of Rishikesh. Ram Jhula has been added recently constructed between Shivananda Ashram and Sawargashram.

is a 450 feet long an iron suspension bridge situated in Rishikesh in Indian state of Uttarakhand. Lakshman Jhula is one of the most prominent landmarks at Rishikesh. It is made over river Ganges to cross the river and is a landmark of Rishikesh. It is said that Lakshman crossed Ganges on jute ropes between the place where this bridge is built. Lakshman Jhula was built in 1939. There are spectacular views from the bridge.

Gita Bhavan. Place of Guru Shri Ram Sukh Daasji, (the great thinker of his time) Popular among the Hindu Brahmin Community. Twice a year people gather at this ashram to read the Ramayana together.

Swarg Ashram, Shri 108 Baba Sali Kamli Wale Swami Atam Prakash Ji. Sawargashram ( Heavenly Adobe) as the name connotes is a beautiful place situated in picturesque surroundings at the foot of Himalayas on the left bank of the Ganges between Rishikesh and Laxmanjhula.



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